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Oyo State Chapter Of The Nigerian Youths Congress Held Her First Leadership Cum Inaugural Meeting Yesterday at Watershed Garden,Ibadan.



The meeting commenced at exactly 12:30pm on the instructions of our Adorable leader in person Of Com AKEEM AYO BABALOLA with the presence of sixteen personality in both the venue and social media respectively, embleming the youths interests across the State to which Hon ODUNOLA from ibarapa wasn’t excluded and the activities goes thus:

(1.) The Agenda of the meeting was read out in a more louder voice by the Chief Servant Of The State Chapter Of The Nigerian Youths Congress In Person Of Com. Abdulfatai Adeyemi LeGaCy.

(2.) Opening Prayer Follows Immediately By Com.Olaniyan SHAMSUDEEN who happens to be the consensus Vice Chairman from OYO CENTRAL.

(3.) The Partakers Of The Progressive Meeting Individually Introduced Themselves For Proper Recognitions.

(4.)A Commendable Opening Speech was given in details by the Chief Servant Of The Congress in person of Com. Abdulfatai Adeyemi LeGaCy.

(5.) At exactly 1:04pm, Our indefatigable National Social Secretary, in person *Com. (Mrs) Kunbi,* due to her busy schedules, join the progressive meeting through phone conversations with the assembled members of the Congress where she implored all the Partakers of the meeting to be steadfast while focusing a course so as to be an absolver of history in future time.

(6.) Our Adorable National President Of The Nigerian Youths Congress in person of Com. Blessing A. AKINLOSOTU, join the progressive meeting through phone conversations where he shows his appreciation for the steadfastness of the pace setter comrades right from inception and the partakers of the meeting specifically. The National President also took his times to elucidate in details what the Nigerian Youths Congress Stand to achieve and what and what the Congress has already counts to be its achievements. He also took his time to talk about the commitment of the Nigerian Youths Leaders to make sure that the already set aims of the Congress were all achievable. Com. Blessing Akinlosotu also talked about the relationship between the Congress and other international Congress across the world. Com. Blessing clearly state the commitment of the leaders
i.e, Com YAKUBU Shedam, Otunba GBOLAHAN MACJOB and that of many others for their unrelenting commitment to reshape the youths parlance both in Nigeria And Internationally. he charges every members of the Congress to be committed to the primary aims and objectives of our dearly without prejudice.

Aftermath, an opening discussions began on how the goals, aims and objectives of the Nigerian Youths Congress can be achieved and the submission goes as follows:👇
• Com. Zainab Amusat who happens to be the consensus State Social Secretary Of the Congress emphasized on the needs to speak in one voice and works in unity if truly the Nigerian Youths Congress is making different from other youths platforms.

• Com. Taiwo Bolaji who also happens to be the consensus State Vice Chairman from Oyo Sought is of the opinion that the already goals of the Congress were all achievable if the interests of the majority is collectively pursue and not personal interest. He also plea with the entire members of the Congress to be a good ambassador of the Nigerian Youths Congress anywhere they might have find themselves.

• Com. LeGaCy, who also serve as the chief Servant of the Congress in the pace setter State, commented that for no reasons whatsoever could our personal interests overshadow that of the majority.

• Com. TIRIMISIYU Ridwan, who is also the Consensus State Treasurer of the Congress submit that the Nigerian Youths Congress must appear to be different from other youths platforms he knew by making sure that the voice of the Congress is heard clearly and observe that the Congress put in place the necessary machinery for publication of the Congress affairs and consequently preaches the needs for a societal sensitization programmes that will reshape the thinking of the Nigerian Youths across the State, while concluding that it’s In only Unity that the aforesaid could be achieved.

• The Issue of finance comes up and the Congress strategically debate on the steps to be taking so as to give the Congress it’s expected shapes.

• Com. (HON) OSENI suliyat opeyemi who also double as the consensus Deputy Chairman of the state chapter of The Nigerian Youths Congress, she also preaches the needs to firstly pursue a goals that will benefit the voiceless Nigerian youths as what benefit the majority is expected to be our most priority and not that benefit individual. She advised that the Congress should stick to the aims and objectives of the Congress while operating so as to achieve the already set goals.

• Here, Com. ADESOKAN kabiru who is also the consensus State Public Relation Officer (PRO) talks on the needs to change the mindset of the Nigerians on youths platforms because most of the Nigerians believe that it’s only when some set of youths wanted to gain some things to themselves that they comes up with pressure groups and which is not.
Com. kabiru ADESOKAN raised a question like: What makes NYC different from other youths platforms? (2) how is the aims gonna be achieve? and lastly what will be the mode of Operation of the Congress with the politicians while the Chief servant of the Congress in person of Com. LeGaCy strategically responded to the questions to the best of his knowledge.

• Com. ARIBIDESI OLALEKAN popularly known as catalyst who is as well a consensus State Internal Auditor of the Nigerian youths Congress of the pace setter State chapter. is of the opinion that the Congress Constitution is of highly needed to guide the Congress affairs while the Chief Servant Of The Congress (Abdulfatai A. LeGaCy) responded that the National President With The Leaders Are Seriously Working Restlessly On The Constitution as the importance of having it handy is what the leaders knew much about too.
Com. CATALYST added that the Congress should work seriously within a month and make sure that the platform (Nigerian Youths Congress) is known to an average youths of the pace setter State. while the Chief Servant Note.

• Com. CATALYST also added the Congress seriously needed both patrons and matrons and they must not be politicians to as to be on a more safer side as youths platform as he added that many platforms has collapsed for been too connected with politicians and mostly not to be used as a tools that May end up parking the motives to which the Congress is set.
Aftermath, this was diplomatically countered by Com. Zainab AMUSAT who is the Congress Social Secretary in Oyo state that there is no successful Congress that can succeed with the supports of the politicians, she added that, since there are many of our dearly country that sees good in embellishing the beauty of the Nigerian youths, such leaders should be approach without hesitation if truly the Congress is fully ready to go in time but she advised that the Congress should be wary of the saboteur among the politicians that May sees good in hijacking the Congress for his or her personal gain. and the Chairman of the Congress mediate Psychologically to the best of his knowledge and the members conceded.

• Com. OLANIYAN shamsideen who also happens to be the consensus Vice Chairman Oyo Central to the congress preaches the need to work tirelessly until victory is completely recorded for the The Nigerian Youths across board. and pleaded with the leadership of the Congress to be an opened minded types to each other and lastly be wary of the saboteur.

The Conversation Ended!!!

AOB: during this session, the Chief servant of the Congress in person of Com LeGaCy is applauded for the leading skills he displays all through while entrusting him if the responsibility to take the Nigerian Youths Congress to its promised Land.

Lastly, Com. Mustapha who is also the consensus State Financial Secretary of the Congress raised a motion for adjournment of the meeting and intelligently seconded by Com Aribidedi Olalekan CATALYST until further Notice.

The Meeting Lasted For Six Hours!

Com. Abdulfatai Adeyemi LeGaCy
Nigerian Youths Congress

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