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Ondo 2020: 14 political parties join ADP

By Osagie Otabor, Akure

14 political parties in Ondo State and three groups have formed a coalition known as the Third Force for the purpose of presenting a single candidate for the September 10 governorship election.

The third force operating under the auspices of Emerging Political Committee (EPC) said the Action Democratic Party (ADP) would be used to present a governorship candidate.

State Coordinator of the EPC, Mr. Biyi Poroye, who spoke at a press briefing in Akure, said the mission of the third force was to wrestle power from the APC-led government in the state.

Poroye boasted the ADP would be the most grass rooted party in the state due the existing structures.

He stated that the ADP would take advantage of the other means to reaching out to the electorates due to current ban on political gathering.

Poroye called on the politicians seeking platforms to actualise their programmes for the people of Ondo State to look into the direction of the ADP.

“It is exciting to let you know that after several tough and thorough work and consultation, the committee finally resolved to choose a party from the final three political parties. All the other parties involved in this process as stated and indicated in the letters received received from their leadership is expected to dissolve their structures and come under the umbrella of the political party of choice.

“It’s on this strength I want to announce to you on behalf of the EPC and the benefit of the entire populace of Ondo State that the party that will wrestle power from the old hands APC and PDP has just been adopted and christened as The Third Force. Action Democratic Party ADP is the new political party to watch out for in the coming election.

“If you study the spate of events and political atmosphere, you will agree with me it demands urgent intervention and rescue as governance in Ondo State has been turned into family affair.

“Emerging Political Committee, EPC is a group of concerned individuals who believe there should be an inclusive society through the birth of a third force that will wrestle power from the hands of old brigades that will offer credible leadership to the good people of Ondo State.

“Based on the concern of the group to wrestle power from the obviously failed administration in the state, the group embarked on rigorous consultation with the people in the state.”

“Action Democratic Party ADP has without delay collapsed their party structures from State to the units so as to accommodate all parties and interests involved in this merger. Plans are already in place across the state to begin E-campaign and mobilisation earnestly until the ban on physical convergence is lifted.

“This next gubernatorial election is crucial to the survival of Ondo State,hencewe call on other political parties including the aggrieved, sidelined, deprived and rejected members of all other political parties as well as the good people of Ondo State to join hands together with us in ADP to work assiduously for ADP (The Third Force) to come out victorious at the next gubernatorial election.

“We must all see this as a collective responsibility as we can no longer seat on the fence or be indifferent to political decisions. This is the time to effect an inclusive society and enthrone good governance in our dear state. Enough of leadership fiasco, docility, mediocrity, ineptitude among other characteristics of bad leadership.”

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