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Nigeria@60: Nigerians must unite to defeat our challenges as a Nation Says NYC


The Nigerian Youths Congress(NYC) felicitates with wellmeaning Nigerians on the occassion of our 60th day independence.

The story of Nigeria is a continuous glow of greatness right from inception. The glow has often made fellow African countries fancied the essence as a country of hope and great grace.

The president stated that Nigeria in recent times has been a shining light to Africa.
“No wonder we are referred to as the giant of Africa. We are giants not because we do not have challenges but because we know how to conquer those challenges to make it better.

60 years of togetherness and peaceful coexistence is no means fit. A country as diverse like us in many ways deserves commendation for standing tall to this level irrespective of our looming challenges”, he pointed out.

Applauding Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari, His Youthfulness Blessing Akinlosotu thanked him for sustaining democracy does far.
“We appreciate Mr. President for his continuous support in ensuring that the virtues of the founding fathers are well addressed”.

Speaking on his key areas of achievements, he said, “the vision of oneness can not be over emphasized as the country continues to make great progress in health, education, security, economy, agriculture, infrastructure and the fight against corruption.

60 years reminds us that we must be united even in our differences and political or ethnic coloration because maturity has set in and priorities must be better”.

Congratulating Nigerians, he said, “we in the NYC congratulates Nigerians for their continuous desire for a prosperous nation and pray that the aim of every Nigerian is fulfilled.

As a congress with mantra of promoting youthful coexistence both in leadership and politics, we hope that we continue to make progress in this time of our nation’s growth.

It is our hope that those planting the seed of discord desist from their ways and plan a prosperous country for the betterment of all”, he prayed.

Speaking also, the Secretary General of the youth body, Dr. Raymond Edoh stated that he is most delighted and impressed by the resilience, hope and gallant nature of Nigerians at such a critical time, strongly believing that the drive, vision and hope of Youths in the country are enormous.

Raymond also stated that 60 years is a global reflection, a reflection designed to promote unity in a diverse, nation with divergent views.

The Chairman, Governing Board, Nigerian Youth Congress, Dr. Yakubu Shendam, who elucidated setting key areas as to Nigeria at 60 independence said, Nigeria at 60 is a celebration that has got many talking not because it is an object of debate, but because it is a country with many languages, cultural perspectives and ethnic coloration.

Stressing further, he disclosed that, many even before independence never thought for a second that the entity called Nigeria will last a day talk more 60 years of oneness of shared beliefs and political integration.
Those naysayers would have been happy if they saw Nigeria formally crumble during the civil war but here we are with continuous hope to forge ahead irrespective of our known challenges.

“Indeed Nigeria is a child of destiny because of it’s human and material resources ablaze at our disposal. Our people are doing well in every field around the world because of our gifts as a people.

At 60 we pray for another 60 years extra because any nation without purpose driven minds will end up in chaos.

As Chairman governing board of the most outstanding youth outfit in Nigeria, the Nigeria Youths Congress (NYC) I have continued to preach for youth stability both in governance and in life.

The NYC has continued to promote the ideals that makes Youths to be orderly involved in issues about Nigeria and it’s governance.

It is our prayer that at this very occassion of our independence that we rekindle our Hopes for a greater Nigeria where everyone is expected to be equal before the law”, he prayed.

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