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Nigeria@60: Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC), Set to Launch 1st Ever Youth Radio in Africa to Celebrate Independence


In a bid to add value to the Nigerian nation through solid platforms, in order to create jobs for youths in a country as diverse as Nigeria, the Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC) has concluded plans to launch a Youth Radio to celebrate Nigeria at 60.

Radio as a means of communication has a lot to offer Nigerian as a country as many people tune in to radio stations to know the happenings in their society. The NYC’s apex leadership with a sound blueprint of fine tuning the minds of youths to creativity, hard work, skill acquisition, general youth engagements and the likes has comeout with the initiative to raise hopes of the Nigerian youths in radio communication.

Many youths have involved themselves in listening to toxic news that doesn’t tell well of a United Nigeria. The NYC believes that youths must listen to programmes that motivates them to think well of a prosperous Nigeria, listen to issues that brings solutions to our many problems and engage in healthy conversations.

It is towards these possibilities that the NYC, through the leadership of His Youthfulness, Blessing A. Akinlosotu believes that it will be of value to celebrate Nigeria’s independence day anniversary with the radio channel so as to proffer solutions to the many challenges confronting Nigeria today.

The Nigerian Youth Radio which is already linked with one of the topmost ranking radio stations in Dubia, known as Typical Nija Radio will turnout to be one of the most informative, educative, and entertaining radio station in the country.

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