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National Youth Day Speech Delivered By the President, Nigerian Youth Congress

National Youth Day Speech Delivered By the President, Nigerian Youth Congress, His Youthfulness Blessing A. Akinlosotu presented on the 1st of November, 2020 on behalf of the Nigerian Youths.

Prototypely, we wish to heartily appreciate the federal government for considering the youths worthy to have it’s special day set aside to recount and refresh our (the youths) sense of belongs within and outside the country.

It was a blossoming morning on the 2nd of September, 2020 upon unfolding the good news of the approval of a set aside National Youth Day by the Buhari led government into the waves.

The approval wasn’t only a sign of prioritizing the interest of the youths but a sign that has acknowledged the essential roles of the youths in nation-building. Honestly, we wouldn’t take this gesture for granted.

The Buhari led government without missing words is doing a great deal for the Nigerian youths compare to other previous administrations through a raw fight against unemployment amidst youths by initiating several programs including N-Power, Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, COVID-19 Support fund, Artisans Fund, P-YES and others. However, we are still optimist that you would do more as your best is yet not enough, and as a father that you are to the Nigerian youths, as well as your children that we are, we would always not see enough until we can see equitable Grassroot implementations of the entire programs, schemes and initiatives targeted at youths.

Going by the theme of the maiden National Youth Day celebration: “Invest in the youths, Secure our future”. It has been proven severally that Nigerian youths are superlatively endowed with great potentials. To this effect, there is a need for the government to invest in the youths both in leadership by signing the Electoral Act into law and involving us the youths in the executive and legislative arms of the government at all levels.

When this is structurally done using the instrumentally of the parliament and made legal, both the youths, the government and the general public will now nod in a prove to securing not only the future of the youths but also the future of our nation Nigeria. And then, the aphorism ‘Nigeria will be great again’, begins manifestation without mental, economic stress.

In our own contribution for this special day for the youths, Nigerian Youth Congress, NYC, will be launching ” Nigerian Youth Radio”, by 10 AM today. This is first of its kind in the history of Africa. What a wonderful initiative!

We have not just come together, garner resources because we want to have a radio, far from it. We have discovered that youths need a nitch where they can call their own.

Also, it would add value to the Nigerian nation through job creation amongst youths in the country.

We know that radio as a means of communication has a lot to offer Nigerians as a country, as many people tune in to radio stations to know the happenings in their society. The NYC’s apex leadership with a sound blueprint of fine-tuning the minds of youths to creativity, hard work, skill acquisition, general youth engagements and the likes has come out with this initiative to raise hopes of the Nigerian youths in radio communication. Nigerian Youth Congress deserves an applause for this great development.

We also acknowledge that many youths have involved themselves in listening to toxic news that doesn’t tell well of a United Nigeria. The NYC believes that youths must listen to programmes that motivates them to think well of a prosperous Nigeria, listen to issues that brings solutions to our many problems, and engage in healthy conversations.

It is towards these possibilities that NYC through my leadership as the National President believes that it will be of value to celebrate National Youth Day with the radio channel so as to…

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