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How to avoid agitations at isolation centres, by Ganduje

From Kolade Adeyemi, Kano

Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on Thursday called for a better strategy to stop further agitations of COVID-19 patients across the country.

The governor spoke during the inspection of the Daula Female Isolation Centre in Kano city.

The female-only Daula Isolation Centre has 100-bed capacity facility and it is for moderate cases.

The governor expressed the confidence that “everything there is ready for operation; everything is ready here. All the workers who are to work here have already been posted”.

Urging the workers to be conscientious in their duty, Ganduje said: “We don’t want to hear any complaints from any patient here, please. You need to understand the psychology of your patients. Provide them with the necessary items they may need.

“As you may be aware, there are complaints from some isolation centres in some states. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary to find solutions to such agitations.”

Such solutions, the governor stressed, lie in the need to ensure that the workers are always in contact with their patients as well as the need to tell them the situation of their conditions.

“Tell them what is expected of them and what they should expect. I think that can help in forming a good patient-health worker relationship,” he said.

Ganduje noted that since an isolation centre is a place where patients are idle most times, where they have feelings of inconveniences, where they are not with their families and/or parents, “they need to be engaged so that they can have hope; that it is just a matter of time that they would be discharged.”

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