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#ENDSARS protest: the results from a long term neglect of the Youths – Akinlosotu


…… advised the FG to be diplomatic in its approach.

The President of the Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC), Blessing Akinlosotu have asserted that the ongoing #EndSARS protest is as a results of long-term neglect of youths and bad governance in Nigeria which has caused a disbelief in the system.

In a statement he made available to journalists in Abuja, he said “Many years had gone by and same stories kept popping up in the nation about the issue of governance. Youths contribute to 65% of Nigeria’s population and they are stylishly sidelined in the scheme of things.”

“There is a general belief amongst youths that only children of elites succeed in today Nigeria as key government agencies are controlled by the children of high and mighty in the society.”

“Equality in seeking job opportunities amongst youths is thrown in the dust bin and this causes a form of unrest in the system.”

Akinlosotu further said, we are meant to be one whether North or South, East or West but ethnicity and religion has steadily crept into the core thoughts of human existence in Nigeria.

The poor man on the street wants to have equal opportunities with that of the rich but the obvious is the case.

The #EndSARS campaign has birthed more ideas in the country today as the youths seized the opportunity to make more demands in the country because of the obvious neglect they had experienced from the leaders.

The NYC President believes that things must be put into proper perspective. A new social value system should be considered where Youths are assessed at all levels in the nation’s leadership. The over blown figures of youths in Nigeria will not let anyone have peace of mind if the right things are not done.

Government must realise that certain things cannot happen with force as the worst will happen if the military is meted on protesting Youths who are sacrificing their time and energy to put things in proper perspective.

Youths are the anchor of any given society. They drive labour and create prosperity in regions and this should be acknowledged.

Nigeria youths are hard working in diverse areas. They need the kind of atmosphere at which they can believe in themselves and put their ideas to work and make comfortable living out of.

It will not be easy to swiftly put to an end the protests because it has no leader. This unfolds to us the resilience and the new kind of philosophy driving the youths.

Government at every level should sit down and begin to put things under check else the danger of neglecting the Youths will cause untold catastrophe within the system.

We hereby call on the Government not to apply force in the ongoing Protest rather they should find better strategies to engage the protesters for better and lasting solution.

We also call on the protesters to remain calm and make sure they don’t apply violence and destruction of government properties in other to achieve results.

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