Mobilizing for a generational change



Fellow comrades, I can’t express how grateful I am for this opportunity reposed on me. I stand before you, deeply touched and inspired by your allegiance and collective trust.

With boundless gratitude for the confidence imposed on me, and with an unswerving resolve to honor that trust, I humbly accept the responsibility of piloting the affairs of NYC Anambra chapter within it’s mission and vision to attain it’s goals and objectives to the benefit of all stake holders.

Fellow comrades, I envisioned that Nigeria is now at a turning point in her history, and as such we are tired of counting on our leaders to live up to their promises which in most cases are met with disappointments.

It’s a known fact that the youth make up about 60% of the population in Nigeria which is roughly 90 million, and it’s also a common knowledge that most of our political leaders are in their 60’s and above. As youths, we shall therefore use our immense strength and vigor with our intellectual properties of this modern era to our own advantage from now henceforth.

Let me at this juncture extend my deepest respect and appreciation to all those who fought and laid the foundation for today’s struggle, indeed, the labour of our comrades past shall never be in vein. Let me also use this opportunity to extend my undiluted appreciation to the National executives and board chairman and it’s members for this endorsement of popular demand, I must say I Won’t let you down.

I will listen attentively to your concerns, expectations and admonitions. The NYC is dynamic and diverse, and aspires to take greater responsibilities for Nigeria.

The NYC as a youth frontier is needed now more than ever before, our challenges are not government’s entire making, but our failure to respond and assert our preference in the Democratic process and politics of today. We must through this platform present our creative abilities and innovative capabilities to utilized and as such be an integral part of the polity.

I hereby pledge my unalloyed commitment and willingness to work as the Chairman of Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC) Anambra state chapter. And I extend my hands of friendship to all that has been working in acting capacity to join hands with me, hoping that together we shall take the NYC Anambra chapter to a greater height. I Thank you


Comrade Ugochukwu Smart M. Okpala

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