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33 APC members may face expulsion in Niger

Justina Asishana, Minna

The Niger State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammad Jibril Imam, has disclosed that 33 members of the party may be facing expulsion and other disciplinary measures.

Briefing reporters in Minna, the state capital, Imam said these members had taken the Party to court without exhausting all avenues for reconciliation and settlement.

He said: “We have had running battles in the court of law regarding internal cases. Our members who lost primaries took the party to court. There are 33 internal cases from those who are dissatisfied with our primaries and have gone to court.”

The chairman said the party had won all the cases as the cases have been struck out by the court, in favour of APC.”

He said the party had decided to invoke the constitutional provision of the party which stated that once a member takes the Party to court without exhausting all avenues, the person ceases to be a member of the party.

Imam added: “We are not unaware of the constitutional provision of the party.

The local government election primaries went free and fair but some recalcitrant party members decided to take the party to court.

“We know the party constitutional provision that once you take the party to court without exhausting all avenues, you are deemed not to be members of the party.

“The working committee will meet and deliberate on those that took us to court. Since we have defeated them, even at appeal, then the constitutional provision of the party will take its due course.

“If we leave them at the party, they will become a virus and become more deadly than COVID-19. The party will take steps about them.”

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